Participatory installation for  Jean Paul Gaultier's exhibition at  the Grand Palais where the public is "la muse". Role: Multimedia & Art direction.  Moment Factory, Montreal Museum of Fine Arts.
 Art direction for a real time performance introducing Jonathan Martin, CMO and keynote speaker for EMC at C2 Montreal.  Moment Factory in collaboration with C2 MTL. 
  Permanent installation for Oakley’s flagship store on 5th Avenue in New York City. In response to the new “Disruptive by Design” brand direction those visuals were generated in touch designer. Role: art director - interactive designer
  From the 20's to 2013 a series of Miss America's portraits revisited . Personal work.
  3D real-time performance for NIN Tension Tour. While Nine Inch Nails is performing the song Satellite Rob Sheridan is filming individual members of the band on stage with an IR camera rig and the effect is broadcast on the massive led screens. All visuals for this song are generated real-time in touch designer. Role: art director, interactive designer - Credits: Moment Factory
  At a time when cities are looking for new ways to bring life to their streets and public spaces, the interactive Mégaphone installation invites Montrealers and visitors to gather downtown to explore the festive side of public speaking. Projections on the façade of UQAM’s President-Kennedy building are generated by voice recognition. Role: art director - Credits: Moment Factory, Computer Research Institute of Montreal, National Film Board of Canada and Quartier des spectacles
  A series of 15 screen printed posters based on 15 selected films for the 15th edition of Montreal international documentary festival. The visual was adapted to all the communication tools. Role: art director and graphic designer in collaboration with Loriane Montaner.
  Visual identity and campaign for RIDM montreal international documentary festival. The campaign is based on a series of   cadavre exquis   made from stories of films in competition. Role: art director and graphic designer in collaboration with Toxa.
  Buisness card for Etienne Boilard, director of photography. Card with no ink, only laser cut holes. The goal was to use only light and shadow like he does in his work. Concept and realisation during my internship with Karim Zariffa. 
  Emergency micro-edition to defend the european potato against GMO. Posters and stickers were produced too.
  Multimedia website to celebrate the 50 years of   La nouvelle Vague   and here especially the french director François Truffaut. Based on typographic research and experimentations.